Are Opossums That Are Active During Daytime Sick or Rabid?

By nature, opossums are nocturnal animals which imply that they sleep during the day whereas scout for food during the night. Opossums have terrible eyesight, and therefore this habit of theirs serves as a natural defense mechanism against predators.  Daylight is dangerous for them as they lose maximum visibility in it and are merely waiting for local predators to attack them. Therefore, coming out at night is their best option! 

What is with the opossum that comes out during the night?
However, the chances are high that you may have spotted an opossum during the daylight. You might have seen them in the local park or even your garden. What does this imply? It means that the particular opossum might be sick.  It isn't natural for them to come out during the day, therefore, spotting one means that the opossums need help. It might have got hurt or injured in some manner. Also, the opossum might be suffering from diseases. Forgoing your instincts is quite hard for animals, therefore, if one opossum does it means the severity of the issue is real. The opossum needs help immediately. 

Opossums Behavior during the Day
Usually, opossums would sleep off the daylight. However, if one comes out during daylight, it means the opossum is unable to think straight. They don't realize what they are doing and wouldn't stop itself. It's a very bad indication of the animal's behavior. Another possible reason for this is that the opossum may have gone rabid. It's been reported that opossums are seen to attack dogs, cats and other pet animals in the neighborhood. Some cases have also been about these animals attacking humans and causing injuries. 

How to tackle a rabid opossum
If you spot an opossum that seems aggressive and would potentially cause harm to you. You should keep your distance from it. Don't try investigating the cause of the aggressiveness. Generally, it's because of a terminal illness that blurs down the thinking ability of the animal and it starts acting erratically. Opossums are known to carry many diseases such as rabies or hepatitis A, therefore, therefore, a little scratch or bite can have dire consequences for you. You might get susceptible to getting the same disease yourself as well. 

What to do if you spot an opossum during daylight?
If you ever spot an opossum during daylight, it's important that you don't confront it in any way. The opossum might hurt you terribly in its aggressiveness. The best approach is to call the professionals and let them handle the issue smoothly. They'll help you get rid of the problem by either capturing and relocating the animal or simply killing it.

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